Thank you to our 2018 Sponsors and Patrons. We hope that you will continue on this journey with SSEP as we continue to grow and empower our global neighbors.



Joe and Marilyn Allegra
Joel and Carole Berenson
Jon and Heather Hallett
Michael and Maureen Ianacone
Bee Intakanok
Drew and Meredith Kinney
Sam Matchett
Julie and Jason Van Matre
Mea and Logan Matsouka
Thomas and Lynn Mills
Ben and Holly Middleton
Veronica Morrissette and Vincent Gresham
Kasia Palmaka
Dave and Blair Powel
Heather Roop
David and Conni Todd

2018 Committee Members

Hosted By   Selita Ebanks
Co-Chairs  Veronica Morrissette and Samuel Matchett
Honorary Co-Chair   Kristen Shovlin
Gala Director    Mea Matsuoka

Joanne Brown, Elaine Bylos, Shannon Byrd, Veronica Byrd, Patricia Davis, Francoise Everett, Lori Fiata, Elizabeth Garvish, Mia Head, Bee Intakanok, Meredith Kinney, Andrea Krakovsky, Holly Middleton, Tiffany Morris, Jennifer Owens, Kasia Palmaka, Lindsay Peterson, Blair Powell, Heather Roop, Audrey Tollenaer, Conni Todd, Julie Van Matre, Rebecca Walden.